"Lesley Parrott is an unparalleled public speaker. Lesley's theme is one of hope and transcendence and it is uniquely required today in so many quarters. The key to Lesley's message is her rare ability to share her deep humanity and to apply it so widely and effectively."

Paul Culver, Head Crown Attorney, Toronto

Speaking from the podium requires a special blend of talents - the ability to inspire plus provide a message that "clicks" so there can be true learning, changed attitudes and behaviours. Lesley Parrott brings her unique blend of corporate and real life experiences and speaks with authentic passion and conviction; her audiences are engaged and motivated. Speeches are customized to each audience.

Some Key Topics:

Dancing in the Other Direction
Handle change without losing your footing. Gain the insights and tools to face and overcome adversities with grace and courage.
  • Learn resilience from the inside out
  • Survive and thrive the toughest challenges
  • Identify your unique coping mechanisms
  • Unleash the power of your human spirit
  • Become a change champion
Winning Words
Increase your circle of influence with supercharged communication. Understand yourself and others and leave a lasting positive impact on all.
  • Leave a positive impression everywhere you go
  • Celebrate strengths and manage weaknesses
  • Break down the barriers with difficult people
  • Navigate extreme turbulence with poise
  • Build a highly motivated team
The Power of Persuasive Presentations
Build a strong foundation for superior selling power. Be armed to present and persuade with clarity, command and control
  • Fill your toolbox with powerful presentation techniques
  • Develop a range of delivery styles that can win anyone over, no matter what personality type
  • Make a strong connection with your audience and build rapport effortlessly
  • Strengthen any weak links in your confidence
  • Raise the stakes by winning consistently at the game of selling