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Highly effective communication is a key ingredient for any company's ability to prosper and profit. Individuals and teams need to understand one another and communicate with clarity and without conflict. To be successful an organization requires a culture where employees' strengths are recognized and fully engaged and where clients' needs are also clearly understood. When this is all clicking, productivity soars, employees are retained and the bottom line shows the results.

Lesley Parrott delivers customized winning communication programs to help make this happen. She is an accredited practitioner with Insights® Learning and Development and uses this powerful system in delivering customized programs.

The Insights system is based on the pioneering personality profiling work of Dr. Carl G. Jung who maintained that four personality traits or energies are present in all of us, and the different balances between them are what make us unique. This system is highly accurate and validated for measuring these balances and helping individuals understand how they and others are likely to respond in a given situation.

"I've participated in a minimum of six different personality and communications courses over my 33 year advertising career and none approached the rigor and practical benefits of Insights. I genuinely learned new insights into my personal communication style and Lesley Parrott's sessions are engaging and fun.

Tony Altilia, Managing Director - Maxim Partners Inc.

Winning Communication:

Off Sites, Workshops & Learning Modules
  • Personal effectiveness and team building
  • Goal setting for success
  • Team effectiveness
  • Managing and leading others
  • Building valuable client relationships
  • Successful influencing and selling
Outcome for participants:
  • Understand their own personal behaviour patterns and how this impacts others
  • Clarify personal strengths and areas for development
  • Recognize, respect and optimize diverse strengths within a team
  • Build strengths in networking and working with challenging people
  • Create a powerful personal action plan