LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: How a Company Clicks - Winning Communication - Persuasive Presentation Skills - Communications Agencies

An organization is made up of a myriad of different departments, skill-sets and personalities. Yet success can only flow when these diverse energies are able to operate as a cohesive, high functioning single entity. This requires both superior understanding and communication between employee groups, and the ability to interpret corporate agendas in a manner that is motivating to all.

Long renowned for her negotiation, leadership and coaching abilities across diverse constituencies, Lesley Parrott has designed a range of unique services to drive performance throughout the organization and maximize partnership and teamwork results. All programs are tooled around specific corporate or departmental strategies.

Services can include:
Winning communication for individuals, teams and organizations. These programs help professionals better understand their own personality and behavioural style. They build awareness of inherent strengths and weaknesses and those of their colleagues, clients and suppliers. Employees realize latent potential, build negotiation skills and professional cooperation, strengthen teamwork and increase their circle of influence.

Persuasive Presentation Skills program for effective internal and external selling and overall communication.

One-on-one coaching and mentoring can be designed to meet a range of needs from organizational, managerial and leadership development to enhancing communication or team building skills. Lesley also offer services to help potential 'star employees' reach their full potential faster and more effectively.

Facilitation for brainstorming or planning sessions to help your teams create far reaching and action based solutions.

Communications agencies - programs designed specifically for the advertising and communications industry

  "FUSE was in need of increasing the overall bench strength of our team in order for us to reach our aggressive growth targets. I see success in how people are learning to work with their teams and clients in a way that respects diversity of approach and ideas. It's something that grows over time and it can be seen clearly at FUSE. We owe this to Lesley."

Stephen Brown, SVP General Manager,
Fuse Marketing Group