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Creatively oriented organizations get to meet some exceptional talents - and some exceptional challenges, too.

Few people are more aware of this than Lesley Parrott. Building from her experience in both the creative and corporate executive suites of a creative based industry, she blends inordinate respect for the creative mind with astute understanding of how such talents can best be nurtured and managed. In short, how to harness genius to enhance creative product while profiting business objectives.

This ability to understand human motivation is a critical and learnable tool for employees throughout the organization. Whether creating the product, managing creative people or planning, selling or airing the product, the star employees are those who know how to push performance in themselves and communicate their passion to others. This is at the base of all Lesley's programs.

Customized Services to meet your needs and your culture:

"Lesley is a great facilitator who truly understands the world of advertising and marketing and how to help people thrive within it as a team. There is a great diversity of experience and skill sets in an agency and Lesley was able to make sense of this challenging environment and help us create synergy and a great product. She truly knows how to deliver the knowledge in a way that people understand and can use right away."

Leah Power, Controller, DDB Group

  • Needs assessment - organizational, team and/or individual assessment and program design.
  • Winning communication for individuals, teams and organizations to help employees better understand their strengths and weaknesses and those of their colleagues and clients. These programs help employees realize latent potential, build professional cooperation and strengthen teamwork.
  • Persuasive presentation skills programs for effective selling.
  • One-on-one coaching for creative stars or other senior executives. Can be designed to meet a range of needs from organizational, managerial or teamwork skills to presentation coaching.
  • Management and leadership development - programs to help managers and leaders develop and retain talent.
  • Creative thinking facilitation - a workshop with a toolbox of exercises and tips to help run productive brainstorming sessions.
  • Partner programs with clients - an educated client is a better client. Talk to Lesley about how she can help strengthen client relations, through educational or teamwork sessions.
  • Broadcast educational consulting and seminars. Lesley Parrott's broadcast training programs have been lauded by some of the most demanding clients in the industry. She would be delighted to discuss your specific needs in this area.