"ACA has worked very closely with Lesley Parrott to develop ACA's 'Better Management of Broadcast Production' program to help Client marketers understand how to enhance the value returned from dollars invested in the production of advertising commercials. Lesley's experience and sensitivity to the issues and opportunities within the client agency relationship help to create an environment where knowledge, processes and people are all respected and focused on achieving the Client's business, marketing and communication objectives."

Susan Charles, Vice President, Member Services, Association of Canadian Advertisers


The effective management of broadcast production has changed considerably over recent years. Many agencies do not have on staff producers so there can be lack of continuity from one project to the next. Advertising agencies have varying standards and approaches to broadcast production resulting in client issues and concerns not always being addressed on an appropriate or timely basis.

With her 25 years in advertising agency production leadership roles Lesley Parrott is ideally suited to provide broadcast production consulting services. Her many credentials include the annual publication over 10 years of a report analyzing broadcast production costs and cost-saving opportunities. She has also designed and delivered educational seminars and negotiated talent union agreements.

Lesley is known for her responsiveness to client needs, championing creative ideas and helping advertiser/agency/production supplier teams collaborate and work effectively together.

Fulfilling advertiser objectives:

  • To produce highly effective and cost-efficient broadcast advertising
  • To develop a sense of partnership and aligned goals with agency and production suppliers in the production of commercials.
  • To ensure all members of the advertiser marketing team are knowledgeable and able to make appropriate decisions throughout the production process


Customized services can include:

  • Provide education and training to advertising/marketing personnel.
  • Establish best production management practices for advertisers, agencies and production suppliers.
  • Identify cost saving opportunities and assist in setting benchmark production budgets.
  • Review and advise on production estimates, and attend pre and post production meetings on an "as required" basis.